Tenesar is a wine from the place that bears the same name on the western coast, with the vineyards less than 2 km from the sea, where its saline appearance is marked and the soil consists of a sedimentary base with a percentage of jable (marine sand) and decomposed material of volcanic origin, They make this wine show Malvasía in its most elegant and mineral face..

The grapes were harvested on 23 of July, early manual harvest looking for a vertical profile, with higher acidity. The grapes are harvested in boxes 20 kilos and directly in the winery it goes to the pneumatic press where the entire bunches are pressed with low pressures to obtain must of the highest quality.. The must is racked slightly during 24 hours and is transferred to barrels of 500 liters where alcoholic and malolactic fermentation takes place. After 8 months of aging is bottled.

Lanzarote Wines

Jable de TAO

To nothing: 2022

D.O.: Lanzarote

Variety: Volcanic Malvasia

Floor: Jable y svolcanic soil

Harvest date: 23 of julio

Fermentation and aging: Barrels of 500 liters

Temperature Control: No

Production: 800 bottles

Vineyard age: 100 years

Alcoholic grade: 11,5%