Our project

Tao's Jable winery and vineyards project, It was born at a time of turmoil in the winemaking sector, not only on the island of Lanzarote, if not beyond the Canary Islands region. Our commitment is the struggle and effort to produce wines that speak of the territory in which they are born, without leaving behind the main players that make its growth possible; Winegrowers.

Lanzarote is an exceptional volcanic island, with edaphic characteristics and singularities that are magically stored in each of its plots. For years, the conservation of the agricultural landscape of Lanzarote, has been linked to viticulture. Thanks to this activity, It has become possible to preserve the singularities of our island landscape. Nowadays, the key to the continuity and enhancement of Lanzarote's viticulture, It goes through the generational change, dignified and professional.

Responsible viticulture in Lanzarote is necessary, A change of model is urgently needed, While it's true, that improvement is in sight in a short space of time. The new projects that are emerging with conviction by young people from Conejeros are recognized., as well as the twists and turns that are being taken by established wineries both on the island and in the rest of the world. Respect for the territory, Caring for the floors, Good practices in vineyard management, The professionalization of the sector, The dignification of the figure of the winegrower, are clear examples of the solidity and ambition of a project such as Jable de Tao's, Wineries and Vineyards.

Jable de Tao, It's nothing more than the pursuit of a dream, Believing that responsible wines can be made, Good wines, Wines whose origin is recognized in each glass, their rootedness and attachment to a soil and a vineyard cared for by families, People with hearts, that they've wanted to keep for generations, That little piece of land that his grandfather worked with zeal and that he proudly and enthusiastically gave to a new generation.

It is up to us "youth" that some imagine as "irresponsible", To make the dreams of our ancestors come true, than in much more unfavorable situations than the ones we currently have to live in, they worked with LOVE, From dawn to dusk, A land full of illusion.

We don't have a magic formula, But we do know that the process must be fair and communal., in which people committed to our land, want to elaborate responsibly from start to finish.

Jable de Tao Bodegas y Viñedos starts this journey with great enthusiasm, with a high degree of commitment, extending a hand to that group of people who want to participate in a project that goes beyond cutting grapes and bottling wine.

This is a project of love, of respect for the island and our family, To our ancestors, in which there must be unity and strength among the different links, as well as commitment and responsibility, We are convinced that this is the path that will make it possible to incorporate new generations into viticulture and to create new responsible projects that will make the island of Lanzarote great.

Our project sees the light of day after a lot of effort in recent years, And it does so full of enthusiasm and happiness for feeling accompanied in the passion for viticulture, Oenology and the conservation of our landscape.


He was born in Tao, municipality of Teguise in 1978 and since then it has been linked to agriculture. Their parents and grandparents, Labradors by profession, instilled in him, love and respect for the sector. Since he was a child, he helped his parents in the agricultural work with great pride and enthusiasm, growing the most typical products of Lanzarote; Onions, tomatoes, Sweet potatoes, Watermelons, grains like peas, Jewish, chickpeas, Peas, wheat and of course, The family vineyard inherited from several generations.

He spent his entire youth in the countryside, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of our territory and experiencing the joys, but also the harshness of our countryside, dependent on the rain and middlemen in the sale of the products that were harvested.

One of the most grateful works was that of the artisan and family winery in his house on the hill of Tao, where they were produced up to 15.000 litres of wine, Made in the traditional way in those old Tanks concrete and chestnut barrels, No additives, something that his father instilled in him since he was a child. There she enjoyed great moments with him, sharing a sip of wine with everyone who came by the house.

Thanks to the hard work of his parents in the field, He was able to finish his studies in Industrial Engineering. Once he completed all his training, Took the hard time, but a wise decision to return to his homeland, where he always wanted to do his bit.

Throughout its trajectory, He has never abandoned his origins and has dedicated part of his time to maintaining the farms that his family has given him and those with which his parents have rewarded him, giving him generational change to give continuity to that family passion.

All the years of childhood in the countryside, in the family winery of his house on the hill of Tao, his father's dedication to instilling the values of kindness and respect to family and neighbors, the aromas of concrete tanks and chestnut barrels impregnated during the tasks of the winery, as well as the notes of the timple that he grew up with, come today at the start-up of Jable de Tao, the union of all the sensations experienced throughout his life.

Born in Ingenio in 1986. He studied Chemical Engineering in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Later, he studied a Master's Degree in Oenology in Tarragona where he forged friendships with whom he traveled around the world expanding the academic knowledge acquired. Bierzo, Chile or Portugal, are some of the places where he stops to work in wineries such as Niepoort, Pedro Parra, among others.

In the year 2017 Risky decision, but spot on, returns to the Canary Islands, the place where he was born and in which he believes deeply; In love with volcanoes, of the characteristics and profiles of the soils of Macaronesia. A faithful defender of wines that speak of the terroir, of the place where they are born and with little or no intervention.

He creates his personal project Bien de Altura located in Gran Canaria, A project with which he recovers old vines with a common characteristic, altitudes above 1.100 meters high. Hence, wines like Ikewen emerge, Origin in Amazigt, Tidao, Sansofi, present in various parts of the world.

In addition, is part of the El3mento project, Wine that is made by different friends in different regions of the world (Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Portugal and Switzerland) and that serves to share experiences and show under the same name, The different versions of a product in peculiar wine regions.

He landed in Lanzarote in 2017 by the hand of the winegrower Vicente Torres (Montaña la Vieja – La Geria) where he made wines until 2020. In 2021 and again by the hand of Vincent, get to know Tao's Jable project; It only took a glance and a conversation to understand that people had aligned and that sensitivity and love for Lanzarote were merging again in his life. Carmelo is a person of exquisite sensitivity, passionate about his work, tireless in the pursuit of his goals and with a great capacity for learning. He has an uncanny ability to attract great people, unconditional friend of his friends and with the certainty and obsession of placing the unique wines of the Canary Islands in the most interesting places in the world.

Their work in the winery is precise, Silent and risky. It has notes of virtuoso, Attitudes of Genius, Animal Instinct, Unpredictable. It perfectly combines simplicity and discretion, with the excellence and innovation of their work to accompany and guide each of their wines without intervening in their growth; custody, It accompanies and strengthens each of the benefits of the selected plots and the people who work in them.

Far from the exact sciences, Takes risks with the limits of minimal intervention, Relying on the original characteristics of the terroir. He has turned this project into a research centre for viticulture in Lanzarote, Not only with the study of each of the soils in which the different vines grow, but with the different materials used in the production of wines and their behaviour.

He's an obsessive perfectionist, tireless; It has power and hardness only comparable to that of the original Lanzarote camel, Fully compatible with the nobility of his gestures. High listening skills, understanding and always on the alert, Constantly learning.

Born in South Carolina, United States. She studied communication and specialized in the world of coffee. Travel around the world learning languages and cultures. Upon arrival in the Canary Islands, Discover the breathtaking world of wine, moment in which he finds meaning in his professional life.

Meet Carmelo..... And it's the year 2022 in which he joins the Jable de Tao project, participating in the harvest together with other collaborators from different parts of the world. It is in this harvest where he stands out for his meticulous tasks, for a high degree of involvement and for his obsession with the fact that all the tasks carried out in the winery, Achieve Excellence, regardless of the degree of importance assigned to it, 'Cause it all adds up, Everything counts in the creation of great wines; He is a consecrated perfectionist. The order, Cleanliness and correct execution are their ways of understanding the good work done in the winery.

His gaze reflects his enthusiasm for the work he does, the desire to learn and the admiration for Carmelo Peña's daily teaching, although he sincerely exposes the critical arguments in each of the processes that are periodically carried out in the monitoring and production of our wines. Admiration with personal criteria.

Mother of the Betancor Rodriguez family. Studied Environmental Sciences in Madrid, to return to Lanzarote soon, A place she always lived in love with and connected to; fascinated by its agrarian landscapes, and for all the benefits that the island provides, generously to people who want to dwell on their appreciation.

Linked to the sea since childhood, meet Alexis in his last stage of studies off the island, Connecting quickly about possible future plans, exclusively on the island of LANZAROTE, Non-negotiable living elsewhere. It is with him and his family that he knows the harshness of agricultural tasks, the difficulty of them and the love for the countryside of Lanzarote. Saw in this one, another complementary source of food that he now knew came from the sea and that magnified his admiration for the island heroes who made it possible for the population to subsist during the narrow decades before the arrival of tourism in the Canary Islands.

The first agricultural tasks he carries out with Alexis' family, show you the difficulty of them. He is obsessed with the concept of dignifying the figure of the farmer, of the peasant of the island of Lanzarote and to be recognized as the true shaper of the island's landscape, as well as the internationally acclaimed volcanological natural area.

A staunch defender of the unique conditions of the island, of the kindness of its people and of the need to pass on part of the benefits from the current economic engine of the island, Tourism, in the true protagonists of the greatest charm and heritage value of the landscape; AGRIGULTORES, in addition to valuing the quiet work of the women who for decades have silently contributed to this activity, both directly and indirectly, They have been the ones who have had the most responsibilities within the family nucleus simultaneously with the tasks in the fields.

Currently, together with the three children they share, Miguel, Lola and Matilde, Supports all the tasks of the winery, being so far, the project in which they have been most involved and in which the character of each one of them, Find your space, driving and complementing any action, allowing all members of the family to, Participate in the different winemaking activities, Contributing from the beginning, his grain of sand to which he will undoubtedly, It is the most complete of all the projects that have been born and that allows you to share time, Excitement and a family activity.