Chupadero is a wine from the place that bears the same name in the central area of La Geria, A boiler Volcanic with holes that reach up to the 15 m diameter and up to 5 m depth. A vineyard 100% Listan White, something unusual in the plots of Lanzarote. A grape that shows the soil at its best. The formation of the caldera is associated with an eruptive center, I mean, volcanic crater where the particular composition of this vineyard corresponds to an ultramafic lava rich in iron and magnesium, There is a high percentage of olivine being part of the rofe that gives a marked volcanic character, with a reductive background typical of a vineyard inside an ancient volcano. With this wine we want to reflect volcanic soil at its highest level, A wine from the bowels of the earth.

The grapes were harvested on 4 August, Early manual harvest looking for a vertical profile, with higher acidity. The grapes are harvested in boxes 20 kilos and directly in the winery they go to the pneumatic press where the whole bunches are pressed with low pressures to obtain the highest quality must. The wort without settling goes into concrete eggs, where it ferments alcoholically and also makes malolactic fermentation. There it waits for almost a year without sulfites until bottling.

Lanzarote Wines

Jable de TAO

To nothing:2022


Variety: Listán Blanco

Floor: Rofe Thick with Olivine

Harvest date: 4 August

Fermentation: Concrete Eggs

Temperature Control: No

Production: 800 bottles

Vineyard age: + 75 years

Alcoholic grade: 11%


Corresponds to a Volcanic Base Covered by coarse-grained rofe with lots of good-sized olivine crystals, This mineral indicates that the source magma has an ultramafic composition, rich in iron and coming from the base of the Earth's crust at high temperatures.